My 20th Birthday. 

So today I turned 20. Its all I could have ever asked for!❤ all of my family was here. It meant so much to me to have my grandfather here. Going from a teen to an adult is different. I don’t feel older, I just feel like I’m going to miss being a teenager. 

The only thing that really upset me today was knowing that people who you think are your ‘friends’ actually aren’t. Knowing that someone who you thought you ‘loved’ wasn’t here to tell you “happy birthday,” and smile with you for a big day. 

It’s been over a week since I found out about his new girlfriend. We were pretty much together when he decided to stop talking to me and lead me on.. Your birthday’s supposed to be a happy day, but tonight I can’t stop thinking about if you ever cared. I blocked your number and I deleted you on everything, but my heart still hurts. 

To the friends who never told me “happy birthday,” even know they knew it was your birthday, you aren’t true friends. 

I keep my family close because I know they could never let me down. They would never walk out on me, they would never not remember. 

I guess I should be thankful, other people have it worse than I do. I should learn to take the positive things in life over the negative. I need to accept that he’s not ever coming back and if he does I have to be prepared to turn him down. Don’t give into your weakness just because he begs you for forgiveness. REMEMBER he did this to you more than once. Keep your faith in God. Everything happens for a reason. People change and you can’t stop that. 

Wish him the best and keep moving. Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing you’re hurting. It makes him stronger. 

Always remember, you are worth so much more than someone being rude to you. 


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